Proposed Builders Yard with Ancillary Office,
Industrial Units and Social Housing

Carnagat Road, Newry


We are inviting your views on this proposal prior to submitting a planning application to the Newry, Mourne and Down District Council.

Information about the site and proposed development is provided below, as well as details for providing comments and the next steps following this public consultation. The feedback received during this public consultation will help to inform the planning application that will subsequently be submitted to the Council.

Application Site

The application site comprises land to the east of 31 Chancellors Road and to the south of Carnagat Road, Newry.   A copy of the site location plan with the application site outlined in red can be viewed and downloaded below.

Site location plan.png

The Proposal

The current draft proposal includes a builder's yard with an ancillary office building and 2 No. industrial units together with 26 No. social housing dwellings, which are designed to meet the needs of the more active elderly that do not require supervision.  A copy of the proposed site layout plan and building floor plans and elevations can be viewed and downloaded below along with images of the proposal.

Proposed site plan.png


We would appreciate any feedback you might have in response to the draft proposals. All your comments will be considered before a planning application will be submitted to the Council.

Please email all comments to, or post to:
O'Toole & Starkey Ltd, Arthur House, 41 Arthur Street, Belfast, BT1 4GB
Please also get in touch if you would like any further information.  Our full contact details are below and on our Contact page.  We are happy to facilitate video conferencing on request to discuss the proposals with members of the design team.

All comments should be provided before the end of 10th December 2021 to ensure they are given consideration before submission of the formal planning application.

Next Steps

Following the conclusion of this pre-application public consultation, all comments will be reviewed. Once considered, relevant changes may be made to the development and all comments, including a summary of the key concerns and the applicant’s responses will be included in a Pre-Application Community Consultation Report.  This report will accompany the application submission.

Supporting technical and environmental documents will be finalised to accompany the application.  Once complete, the supporting documents and final proposed drawings will be submitted with the Pre-Application Community Consultation Report as a planning application to the Council for consideration and determination.

After the planning application has been validated, the Council will proceed with its own statutory consultation. The Council will notify the local community about the consultation and application process and how they can participate.